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Er Kalıp Plastic and cast Industry which has been established in 1990 is keeps on it’s activities at pool equipments and accessories industry. We believe that, we always fullfill customer requests in shortest times with high quality. We also balieve that, when fulfilling al of our responsibilities towards our customers, we satisfy them regarding product quality, price and delivery time.

Our mission is to spread the quality concious, to offer opportunities to individuals to realize their potentials, to increase our responsibilities industry.

Our vision is to develop relationships in order to fulfill customer expectations, to produce quality products, give quality service and reach to quality customers.

Our Quality Policy

Convenient to Standards, On-Time and Economical Service

To supply our local and foreign customer’s demands convenient to national & international standards, on time and economically.

Respect for the Environment Responsibility for the Future

To take care not to harm the environment during our activities and to show the necessary sensitivity to the world's exhaustible resources.

Our Human Resources

Achieving our goals is only possible if the system and elements applied are of high quality. Our biggest asset in the operation of the system is our human resources.

Our Principle of Excellence in Total Quality

It is an indispensable element of our quality policy to adopt the total quality philosophy to all personnel and to continue training activities uninterruptedly.

Our Suppliers and Customers Are Our Business Partners

Our suppliers who provide products and services to Er Kalıp are our business partners. It is our responsibility to support our suppliers in raising their quality levels.

Technology and Contemporary Management

Our future target; Our company is at the forefront of companies in its sector. The tools to be used to achieve this goal should be modern technology and contemporary management systems.

Why Er Kalıp ?

We know that educations is the best tool for motivation, we are always honest, we respect all thoughts and ideas, we always develop our skills, we offer the best and fastest service, wa are open to all offers and critics, we are respectful to human values, our main goal is good service to domestic and international markets, we respect our society and aim to protect the environment, appropriate to the decades needs.